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The Salina Project…. Help to the Rescue

This month has been a strange month… Things, like life, just happen and before you know it time has sped up and is gone. Every day this month had something  crop up … I have been printing in between these “life events” but that means my project is not going as quickly as I thought it would… 

My sweet husband has volunteered  to help me print…. Because this edition is so large, I have two identical plates in case one wears down because of the wiping. To keep everything consistent, I will wipe a plate and he will blot the paper, place the paper over the plate and run it through the printing press while I am inking and wiping the next plate… Our thought is that it will speed things up if I don’t have to take the time out to wash my hands in between each inking and printing, which I am constantly having to do… 

Here is Ken doing something he would rather do …. Kayaking… so this is huge that he is helping me…. 

Ken and Mom at Inks Lake 2011