In My Printing Apron

debbie little wilson

The Salina Project…. Testing…..

Alright so here are the steps of printing…

I got a good color of sepia and black…

I inked the plate….

inking the plate

wiped plate

on the flat bed press

damp paper over the plate

after running it through the rollers

Okay…. and this is what I think…. I like the color, it is a bit more sepia toned than in this photo but through the printing process on the plate, I lost some of the detail of the instruments. It is hard for you to see in this picture but UNFORTUNATELY….. I will have to make another plate….

This is just how it goes… 

So I have fixed what I didn’t like and made a new transparency. I will probably still lose a bit of detail but hopefully not as much as I did the first time… Now to make another plate and try again…. I could let this go and not really fuss about it but I am going to print 250 of these and I will notice it every time I print one and some where around print number 7, I would start over anyway so why not now….. sigh…. 

Off to make another plate…. I might not be able to test it again until tomorrow since we have our Postcard Club meeting tonight and I can’t miss that….

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