In My Printing Apron

debbie little wilson

The Salina Project…. First Printing…

Well, I got down here to the studio early because I am excited to start this Project. I already have on my apron… that is a good start… my apron is on before noon… LOL

I had to trim up my plate first …



Now that the plate is trimmed it is ready to begin printing…

I have the paper soaking in a vat of water to soften the fibers so that they will bend into the lines and dips in the plate to pick up the ink…

I need to prepare the ink. For this etching, I want to use a sepia color but I would like it darker.. I will be using Graphic Chemical ink.. Sepia and Intense Black and some Easy Wipe…. Since I am going to be printing 250 etchings, I will need to be mindful of my mixing so that they will all turn out the same color….

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